Endowment Campaign

For up to date news and information about Gamma Chapter’s campaign to build an urgently needed new house and establish a permanent scholarship fund, please visit www.lsukappasighouse.com

Plans Underway for Gamma’s New Chapter House

A planned “Capital Endowment Campaign” (outlined below) is being designed to provide the framework by which a new chapter house will be constructed for Gamma chapter at LSU. Gifts and donations will be solicited from Gamma alumni who have been part of the rich history and heritage of Gamma chapter’s 125 year history.

The undergraduate chapter and the Gamma Home Corporation, in partnership with the recently established Star and Crescent Foundation of Louisiana, are finalizing plans for the campaign to raise funds for the new chapter house. In addition, the Capital Endowed Campaign will also provide scholarships for eligible Brothers as well as some who are not members.

For many years, one of the concerns voiced by alumni and actives alike has been the need for a new chapter house. As a result of the ever increasing problems with the foundation of the house, the electrical and plumbing systems and overall aging, the costs of repairs and essential renovations continue to grow exponentially. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete not only with other more modern chapter houses, but also with the newer housing on and off campus. The hope is to realize the construction of a new and modern house that reflects the great legacy of our past 125 years.

In order for such a significant task to reach fruition, we have established the “Gamma House Steering Committee” (“Steering Committee”) consisting of representatives from the chapter and different auxiliary groups.  This esteemed group of alumni is committed to ensuring that the new house for Gamma chapter reflects the high standards of our historic chapter.

In accordance with the plan established by the Steering Committee, the owner of the new house will be the recently formed Star and Crescent Foundation of Louisiana, which is a 501(c)3 entity. Brother Jason Doré graciously agreed to donate his time and legal expertise to create the Foundation and obtain recognition from the IRS. Brother Doré has additionally agreed to serve as the Foundation’s inaugural president. The Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and developmental efforts of the chapter. This not only includes ensuring the development of the necessary physical infrastructure, but also the awarding of scholarships to deserving undergraduates. This essential work of the Foundation will cement the long term success of Gamma Chapter.

To ensure the greatest potential for success, the Gamma Home Corporation, under the direction of President Chip Weimar, made a financial commitment that has made it possible to the national fundraiser consulting firm of Pursuant Ketchum. Pursuant Ketchum has undertaken a complete review of the financial potential for building a new house. Based on this review, which included the solicitation of feedback from various alumni in person and via an online survey, Pursuant Ketchum has advised the Steering Committee that the construction of a new house is financially viable. As a result, the Steering Committee has voted to support a Capital Endowment Campaign to raise the necessary funds. In the coming weeks, the campaign co-chairs, honorary co-chairs and advisory committee will be announced along with detailed information on regarding the campaign. An aggressive yet attainable timeline has been created for the fundraising and construction of a new home.

It is important that this effort includes involvement from as many alumni as possible. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey from the Foundation and Pursuant Ketchum and to those of you who provided feedback to members of the Steering Committee. Please continue to provide your vital feedback as plans move forward to create a new home for all of us.

The responses, that we have already been received from both alumni and actives, are encouraging and speak to the bright future of Gamma Chapter. It is both exciting and rewarding to join so many others in undertaking this monumental step forward for Gamma Chapter.

Gamma House Steering Committee

Mike Busada (DGM) Chairman
Jason Doré (Star and Crescent Foundation of Louisiana President) Vice-Chairman
Chip Weimar (Gamma Home Corporation President) Vice Chairman
Daniel Bratton (Chapter Alumnus Adviser)
Lance D’Armond (Gamma Alumni Association President)
Dr. Randy Gurie (Chapter Adviser Representative)
Mike Lloyd (Foundation Board Representative)
Robbie Mahtook (Chapter GM)
Tommy Watts (Gamma Alumni Association Representative)
Dr. Jim Woodard (Gamma Home Corporation Representative)
The Honorable John Woodard, member, LSU Board of Supervisors and Student Body President (Chapter Representative)